Joël Assogo Koungou
14 sept 1998
Paris, France
+33 (0)6 65 53 99 00

Motivation, Challenge and Learning are the 3 words that best describe me. This website is my first accomplished personal project. I hope that visiting my website will allow you to appreciate my qualities and to see me as one of your future collaborators. I love challenges and achieving my goals, I would be delighted to suceed in one of your challenges.

Curriculum Vitae

Engineering cycle

Currently student in master cyber security at EFREI Paris
Course studied : Systems and networks, Information and operating system security, Network Security, Java, Cryptology, MySQL, Electronic, Algorithmic

The purpose of this training is to help me acquire these skills:
• Design, implement and maintain software systems to support the company's security policy objectives.
• Assess the IT security risks encountered by an organization.
• Evaluate the tools, human and material resources available to limit the risks and mitigate the effects of hostile action, both internal and external.
• Manage the development and evolution of the information system in a secure manner.


Semester abroad

4 months immersed in the United Kingdom at Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-trent
Course studied : HTML, CSS, Java, UML, C++

The international semester I did was to prepare me for the professional world:
• Learning to communicate in intercultural situations
• Becoming autonomous in an international context
• Develop English proficiency

This semester has also contributed to the opening and personal development:
• Autonomy, Adaptability
• Open-mindedness
• Discovery of the world and self-discovery


Technology Degree in Computer science

University Institute of Technology of Montreuil, France
Course studied : HTML, CSS, Java, C, PHP, Network, MySQL, Linux

During my two-year university degree in computer science I developed skills based on 3 main axes:
• Analysis and design: I learned to analyze and synthesize the needs and expectations of the client and to design the computer processing scheme.
• Algorithms and programming: I learned to develop skills to implement solutions (from processing to coding).
• Systems and network architecture: I have acquired knowledge of how computers, operating systems and networks work. 2017-19

GNVQ Advanced with honors

C. N. Ledoux High School - Vincennes, France
During two years I studied architecture, I learned how to make architectural plans with the Autocad pack. I also learned the fundamentals of construction.


Web developer

Company : DISFE La Poste || Location : Ivry-Sur-Seine, France
Contract : internship || Duration : 3 months
Creation of a Sharepoint site for a management team of 200 employees. The purpose of this website was to improve communication between the teams within the management. I realized this project in an autonomous way from the conception of the specifications to the deliverables of the project.
Technologies used : SharePoint and Office 365 Administration

Download photos of the deliverables here



Company : Car Cent (SIXT) || Location : Paris, France
Contract : Permanent Contract || Duration : Each weekend and holidays while 10 months
Reception of the vehicles then checks for potential damage. Filling the fuel tank. Complete cleaning of the luxury vehicles then delivery to the customer.


Production agent

Company : Bergams || Location : Grigny, France
Contract : Fixed-term contract || Duration : 2 months
In charge of a production line producing sandwiches. Preparation of the different productions of the day. Re-provision of the line when necessary. Managing the team members so that the line never stops.


Production agent

Company : Newrest Paris || Location : Rungis, France
Contract : Fixed-term contract || Duration : 1 month
Work on a production line. In charge of placing the products on the rolling tray


Vacation Auxiliary

Company : BNP Paribas || Location : Fontenay-Sous-Bois, France
Contract : Fixed-term contract || Duration : Each holidays while 1 year
As part of a team within the bank, I replaced some members during the school holidays. In charge of the reception of letters/mails/faxes, sorting and coding of all received messages. Digitizing mail then sending it to the file processing teams.

Development Project


Publisher Database

The aim of this assignment is to produce a simulation of a custom publisher database within aWindows™ development environment using object-oriented C++.

Download the project

Website in PHP

Image Gallery

The aim of this project is to plan and program server-side web applications, then develop web applications to interact with simple databases.

Download the project

Java Eclipse

Game style Zelda

The aim of this project is to make an animation game, with a main character being able to move on a map. To attack his enemies by being able to throw and retrieve objects.

Download the project
Cybersecurity Project

Operating system security



Crypto symmetrical system

In this project I realized the analysis of the symmetrical crypto system that is blowfish

Download the project

Systems and networks

network infrastructure

Addressing the main services commonly used in a networked enterprise structure
Concepts developed : DHCP, DNS, LDAP, Web Server, Centreon, Relay Router, NAS
Download the project

Information System Security

Risk analysis

In this project, I carried out a risk analysis of a fictitious company, without any prior knowledge. This project allowed me to learn how to identify the different types of dangers for a company.
Download the project

Computer Science Language
Operating System
About me

I coached a football team (U13) for 2 years.

And they were not that bad :)

I worked for 6 months as a salesman at Princes’ Park stadium and the Stade de France.

I work out 4 times a week.

New York, United States
I went on vacation for 20 days in New York.

Paris, France
I've lived in Paris since I was born.

Stoke-on-trent, United Kingdom
I lived alone in England for 4 months to learn English.

Costa Brava, Spain
I went on holiday for a week in Spain.

Yaounde, Cameroon
I often go to the Cameroon, which is my home country.

Dublin, Ireland
I visited Dublin for 2 weeks.

Brussels, Belgium
I often went to Belgium because a part of my family lives there.